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Notice for Winning International Group & SMB-Winning Consortium Photography Competition 2022
Deadline: Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. (Singapore Time)
Singapore, China, Guinea, Indonesia

Show your Winning Photos, Explore our Consortium Miracles!

Dear executives and colleagues,

Good day!

The year 2022 is an extraordinary year for our colleagues of Winning International Group and SMB-Winning Consortium. Together, we have made great breakthroughs by our hard and pioneering work under the leadership of President Sun Xiushun. We love what we do and are devoted ourselves to creating social value and realizing sustainable development for local communities and people around us. We are inspired and proud to be an organization that is breaking new ground and earning the respect of our partners and the industry through our actions. With that in mind, the Group’s Government Relations and Public Affairs Strategy Department and the Consortium’s Human Resources Department decide to organize the 2022 photography competition, in the hope of bringing our colleagues the enjoyment of photographic art while highlighting the corporate responsibility, value and culture of the Group and Consortium, and enhancing the sense of organizational identity and cohesion. The rules and arrangements of the contest are as follows:

I. Selection committee:
Ms Lv Xiaohui, Mr Shao Changfeng, Mr Sun Zhijun, Mr Wu Zhichu,
Mr Ismael DIAKITE, Mr Fréderic Bouzigues, Ms Wang Yue, Mr Mamadou Bah

II. Eligibility for participation:
1. Regular employees/trainees of the Winning International Group and all segments of SMB-Winning Consortium, and regular employees/trainees of the Consortium’s project contractors in Guinea;
2. One high-resolution digital photo (greater than 3M) in JPG format with the caption not exceeding 50 Chinese characters or 100 French, English or Indonesian words is required to submit. Click the following link to submit your entries via the photography works submission page. Online submission of photo entries is from May 25 to June 25, 2022, SGT;
3. By submitting a photo entry, you agree to and abide by all the contest rules and conditions.

III. Entry requirements:
1. All entries must suit the theme of the competition and showcase the social responsibility and core values of the Group and Consortium. They must be independent and original works that do not infringe on the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of any third party and duly authorized by any third party involved. By submitting an entry, participants voluntarily keep to the rules of the competition, including copyright ownership and commitment to transfer of rights, and bear independent responsibilities in the event of a dispute involving third-party infringement.
2. The competition does not accept any entry that contains content that violates the public order and good custom, the laws in force in the Republic of Singapore, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Guinea, and the Republic of Indonesia, or internal rules and regulations of the Group and Consortium, or ESG/HSEC policies.
3. The entries are not allowed to contain third-party advertisements, slogans, logos or trademarks other than those of the Group/Consortium projects, or otherwise indicate sponsorship or endorsement by such third parties or commercial entities.

IV. Selection and Awarding
1. The entries will be judged by a special selection committee formed by the Group/Consortium. The selection criteria are as follows:
Techniques for photography 30%
Artistic creativity 35%
Content 35%
Total 100%

2. Prizes and awards
One Grand Prize photograph: A certificate and USD 450
Three First Prize photographs: A certificate and USD 300
10 Second Prize photographs: A certificate and USD 150
20 Third Prize photographs: A certificate and USD 75
Consolation prizes: Honor certificate

3. The winning photographs will be exhibited temporarily or permanently by stages and in groups in office premises where conditions permit, and published in the “Winning” journal, the website of the Group and Consortium, the Group’s official account, the Consortium’s Facebook page, the Linkedin page, the Simandou-Winning Consortium Facebook page and Linkedin page; the 2023 Consortium calendar will probably be made using the winning photographs or other participating photographs;
4. The winners will have the opportunity to visit the Dapilon-Santou Railway in Guinea (depending on epidemic prevention regulations and working arrangements);
5. The selection committee shall not give the award if the entry does not meet the minimum criteria of the competition rules;
6. The final results are at the sole discretion of the selection committee. Each entrant accepts such decisions unconditionally and without any objection by taking part in the competition.
7. No member of the selection committee or the organizing committee may participate in the competition.

V. Intellectual property rights of works and assignment of rights
1. Entrants agree to assign the right to use their entries, including but not limited to temporary or permanent exhibition, distribution, publication, broadcasting, reproduction or creation of derivative works, as well as the right to edit their entries, add corporate logos, and freely use the whole or part of their photographic works; entrants may not further transfer or tacitly approve the right of use to any third party;
2. Entrants voluntarily and unconditionally assign the commercial copyright of their photographic works to the Winning International Group/SMB-Winning Consortium for exclusive use in perpetuity or to a third party legally authorized by the latter for shared use;
3. The entrants are by default the sole creators of the entries submitted and have the full copyright of the works, and are independently responsible for handling any infringement disputes involving third parties.

VI. Disclaimer of liability
1. If the content of the competition is altered or the competition is canceled, the Group/Consortium will not be held legally responsible;
2. The Group/Consortium will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss, injury or frustration suffered by any entrant in the running, accepting the prize, or not winning any prize.

Thank you for your participation!

It is hereby announced.

Winning International Group and SMB-Winning Consortium
May 31, 2022