Winning International Group

Winning International Group is a diversified conglomerate with businesses in areas including Ship Owning, Shipping Operation, Maritime Transhipment, Ship Management, Mining Development, and Railway Construction.The Group is headquartered in Singapore. Through its branch offices and subsidiaries in places such as Beijing and Qingdao, China, Guinea, and Indonesia, Winning provides safe, reliable, cost-efficient land logistics, maritime logistics, and ocean transportation services of bauxite,  alumina, nickel, iron ore and general cargo for clientele around the globe. Currently, Winning is the world’s largest bauxite shipping company. Winning controls and operates over 100 vessels, with our self-owned fleet consisting of 40 bulk carriers, including one Panamax bulk carrier and 39 Capesize bulk carriers with a total capacity of 7.43 million DWT. Its fleet’s total capacity currently ranks among the top in the world. Winning’s transshipment fleet controls eight large-scale floating cranes, a pair of floating commodity terminals, nearly a hundred barges, ocean tug boats, harbor assistant tug boats, bunker tankers, and floating docks to form our maritime transshipment barge system, with 50 million tons of  transshipment capacity per year.

China Hongqiao Group Limited

China Hongqiao Group Limited (China Hongqiao or the Group; Stock code: 1378) is a leading aluminum product manufacturer in China. Located in Shandong Province of China, the Group is mainly engaged in the production and sales of molten aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy casting-rolling products and aluminum busbars. With large scale operations, advanced technology, competitive cost structure, visionary strategy of industrial chain expansion and experienced management team, the Group has successfully strengthened its leading market position, sustaining its business growth and unique competitive edges.

UMS, Guinea

Founded in 2002, United Mining Supply Group is the leader in integrated logistics in Guinea and West Africa. It specializes in supporting mining and industrial companies by providing complete end-to-end services, as part of a custom-made approach tailored to the specific needs of each client.