In order to develop the Simandou iron ore project, a “Transguinéen Railway” with a designed total length of 600 kilometers is being constructed to connect the Simandou mine and the Port of Morebaya. The railway has a total of 12 stations, 206 bridges with a total length of 79.17 kilometers; 4 tunnels with a total length of 27.55 kilometers, accounting for a bridge-tunnel ratio of 19.4%. The total amount of earthwork construction for the entire railway line is approximately 69.53 million cubic meters. It is planned to be completed and opened to traffic by the end of 2025.

Roadbed project

The earthwork excavation for the entire station and section roadbed is estimated to be 39.965 million square meters, the filling 29.565 million square meters and the foundation treatment filling 1.432 million square meters. The length of cement mixing pile is 1.96 million meters, and the length of gravel pile is 940,000 meters in total.

Bridge and Culvert Project

There are 206 bridges across the entire line with 17,882 pile foundations, 286 dug well foundations, 2,206 caps, 2,078 piers, 414 abutments, 9,132 prefabricated T-beams, and 2,283 pairs of bridge openings for T-beam erection to be constructed. There are 44 box-shaped bridges and 1,186 culverts to be constructed.

Tunnel Engineering: Kindia Tunnel, Mamou TunnelKaba Tunnel and Soyah Tunnel

There are 4 tunnels in the “Transguinéen Railway”, with a total length of 27,551 meters. 15,651 meters of excavation and support have been completed, accounting for 56.8% of the work.